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After I completed my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Washington with majors in Classical Studies (the world of Ancient Greece and Rome) and History in 2004, I wanted to spend some quality time in Europe seeing the places and things I had learned about, and to share those experiences with Pete.  He's from Switzerland, so we go to Europe often.  We usually spend some time visiting his family there, and rush through another region in Europe, cramming as much as possible into two or three weeks. This time we wanted to make a leisurely tour around Europe with no time limits.  Pete wanted to visit his friends in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, so we included Asia in our itinerary.

We had no commitment to Seattle and had no idea where we would be at the end of the trip - we could stay in Europe, return to Seattle, or start over someplace else.  We had a general idea of what we wanted to see, but were totally open to new ideas as we went along, also getting ideas from other travelers' experiences.  It was not the most time-efficient trip; we went to places as they appealed to us, not necessarily the most direct route (returning to Europe after a few months in Asia, for example). 

In February, 2005, we quit our jobs, gave up our apartment, put everything in storage and took off for Europe.  We were able to use Pete's old apartment in his parents' house in Eastern Switzerland as our base while we were in Europe, so we could always come back there and regroup, plan our next adventures, organize photos and do some laundry.

We flew to some places (Egypt, Portugal, Turkey, Asia, Greece and Scotland), drove through some areas (France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, around Switzerland), took ferries (along the Norwegian coast) and trains (Berlin, Prague, Munich, Northern Italy, Rome and Paris).  We took a guided tour of Turkey, stayed with friends in Sri Lanka, and went with friends of Pete around Vietnam.  Otherwise, we were independent travellers. 

It was a great trip with many nice memories to look back on.  We don't have a "favorite" place because there were so many great places.  We took more than 28,000 photos (there are about 3,300 of our "highlights" in this website).  "PETE - STOP - TURN AROUND - KODAK MOMENT" was one of my favorite phrases when driving.  We cropped or modified only a handful of these photos.  We were on the road for 17 months and came back to Seattle in July, 2006. 

Each of the photo albums below has a link to the background notes for that area.  Enjoy!!

Happy Travels, Schöne Reise, Bon Voyage and Buon Viaggio!

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It was loaned to you by your children. [A Kenyan proverb]



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