01-EGYPT (March 2005)


01-Over the Alpes, on the way to Egypt

02-Al-Fath Mosque, Cairo

03- Car at the Step Pyramid of Zoser, Saqqara

04-Camel Touts

05-Tomb of Mereruka, Saqqara

06-Tomb of Mereruka, Saqqara

07-Saqqara to Giza

08-Giza Pyramids

09-Giza Pyramids

10-Cheops-Khufu Pyramid

11-Pete at Cheops-Khufu Pyramid

12-Chephren-Khafre Pyramid

13-Pete at Chephren-Khafre Pyramid

14-Chephren Pyramid

15-Sphinx and Cheops

16-Sphinx and Chephren



19-Sphinx, Chephren-Khufu Pyramid

20-Car at Sphinx, Chephren-Khufu Pyramid

21-Pete at Sphinx, Chephren-Khufu Pyramid

22-Car and Pete at Sphinx copy

23-Aswan Market

24-Ramses II

25-Abu Simbel  Ramses II

26-Ramses II

27-Ramses II



30-Philae Island

31-Philae Temple

32-Philae Island

33-Philae Island

34-Philae Island

35-Philae Temple

36-House near Philae

37-Luxor Temple

38-Nile from East Bank

39-Valley of the Kings - Tomb Entrances

40-Deir al-Bahri

41-Deir al-Bahri

42-Deir al-Bahri

43-Deir al-Bahri  Hatshepsut

44-Deir al-Bahri  Hatshepsut

45-Deir al-Bahri

46-Medinat Habu

47-Medinat Habu

48-Medinat Habu

49-Medinat Habu

50-Medinat Habu

51-Medinat Habu

52-Medinat Habu

53-Medinat Habu

54-From Luxor hotel

55-From Luxor hotel

56-From Luxor hotel

57-From Luxor hotel

58-From Luxor hotel

59-From Luxor hotel

60-Valley of the Queens - Tomb Entrances

61-Deir al-Medina

62-Tombs of the Nobles Area

63-Entrance to Karnak Temple

64-Some Tourist at Karnak Temple

65-Karnak Temple

66-Karnak Temple

67-Karnak Temple

68-Karnak Temple

69-Karnak Temple

70-Karnak Temple


72-Glass Bottom Boat

73-From Luxor hotel

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