08-ROMA and PARIS (December 2005)



R  O  M  A

001-Capitoline She-Wolf in Musei Capitolini

002-From Regolini-Galassi Tombin Vatiacan Museum 750 BCE

003-Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice by Exekias 530 BCE

004-Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice by Exekias 530 BCE

005-Greek Pottery in Vatican Museum

006-Ludovisi Throne in Palazzo Altemps 5th C BCE

007-Hera in Palazzo Altemps

008-Lacoon Group in Vatican Museum

009-Lacoon Group in Vatican Museum

010-Suicide of Galatea in Palazza Altemps 220 BCE

011-Discus Thrower in Palazzo Massimo alla Terme

012-Crouchng Afrodite 200-150 BCE in Palazzo Massimo alla Terme

013-Pompeii Model in Museo Archeologico in Naples

014-Battle of Alexander in Museo Archeologico in Naples

015-Detail Battle of Alexander in Museo Archeologico in Naples

016-Pompeiian Fresco in Museo Archeologico in Naples

017-Toro Farnese in Museo Archeologico in Naples

018-Hercules-Farnese Collection in Museo Archeologico in Naples

019-Museo Archeologico in Naples

020-Temple of Castor and Pollux in Roman Forum

021-Temple of Castor and Pollux in Roman Forum

022-Temple of Antonius and Faustina in Roman Forum

023-Roman Forum

024-Roman Forum from Tabularium

025-Arch of Septimius Severus in Roman Forum

026-The Growth of Rome

027-Augustus of Prima Porta in Vatican Museum

028-Forum of Augustus

029-Domus Aurea



032-Roman Gladiators

033-Trajan's Markets

034-Trajan's Column



037-Castel Sant'Angelo

038-Commodo as Hercules in Musei Capitolini

039-Constantine in Musei Capitolini

040-Arch of Constantine and Colosseum

041-St Peter's Basilica

042-School of Athens by Raphael in Vatican Museum

043-Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo in Vatican Museum


045-Campidoglio-Marcus Aurelius

046-Musei Capitolini

047-Trevi Fountain


049-Near Colosseum




P  A  R  I  S

052-Place du Carrousel at Louvre


054-Seated Scribe from Saqqara 2600-2300 BCE in Louvre

055-Pichet 730 BCE in Louvre

056-Etruscan Reclining Couple pre-300 BCE in Louvre

057-Winged Victory of Samathrace 200 BCE in Louvre

058-Venus de Milo 150-125 BCE in Louvre

059-Cupid and Psyche in Louvre

060-Musee d'Orsay

061-Musee d'Orsay

062-Musee d'Orsay

063-Car at Sacre Coeur

064-Sacre Coeur



067-Tour Eiffel from Montmartre






073-Tour Eiffel from Place de la Concorde

074-Place de la Concorde

075-Place de la Concorde

076-Place de la Concorde

077-Arc de Triomphe

078-St Augustin

079-Seine at Pont Neuf

080-Place du Louvre

081-Place de la Bastille

082-Hotel de Sens

083-Hotel de Sens

084-Paris View from Sacre Coeur

085-Tour Eiffel

086-Tour Eiffel

087-Tour Eiffel

088-Tour Eiffel

089-View from Tour Eiffel

090-View from Tour Eiffel

091-Pete at Tour Eiffel

092-Place des Vosges

093-Place des Vosges

094-Place des Vosges

095-Notre Dame

096-Notre Dame

097-Notre Dame

098-Notre Dame

099-Notre Dame

100-Notre Dame

101-Notre Dame

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